A Banner Summer!

How about a banner to start off the Summer of Starfish!!! Got this bad boy to help in promotion at appearances this Summer, beginning this weeekend (Jun-15-17th) at Elgin RibFest in Elgin Illinois.

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Starfish Dawning!

The books are printed and on order for the Jun 27th release of Starfish: Light the Dark! She is launching... stay tuned for details on where to get your copy!

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Starfish to Debut @ C2E2!

Ready for Starfish to debut the promotional push @ C2E2! March has been a little bit of a whirlwind month with finding out the book will be published this June and then putting all the promotional material together to make the initial push at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (aka C2E2)! So we've got the swag and we have a cosplayer to bring Starfish to life and introduce her to the world of comics! Stay tuned for posts with pics as Starfish begins what we hope is a successful journey! 

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It's Official!!!

Starfish is now listed in April's Previews Catalog and available for solicitation with a publication release date and will be available in stores June 27, 2018! Go to your local comic shop and request a copy, be sure to use code #APR181301! Click on the snazzy OFFICIAL COVER for the Graphic Novel fantastically done by established cover artist Pedro Delgado!

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Coming Soon...

A little teaser I worked up to begin promotion playing on the main theme of the book... it's not enough to look for the light in times of darkness, sometimes you have to BE the light.

Starfish teaser card.jpg
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Exciting things afoot!

Still a little too early to make any formal announcements, but along with the construction of this website, Starfish and the roll out of her debut graphic novel is beginning to take shape. This whole endeavor is proving to be such an amazing learning experience. And beginning to add more and more people to the development of realizing this little dream of mine is both intimidating and excitingly thrilling at the same time. Hope I can get many more along for the ride! Stay tuned!


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Mark your calendars, for I have marked mine! Planning to make an appearance @ C2E2 On April 6th-8th. 2018! Hammering out some of the details now and hope to have more information very soon!


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Watch this Space

If you're reading this, you'll notice the brand-spanking new Starfish website is live and currently under construction! watch this space for all the Starfish news YOU can use!


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